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General terms and conditions regarding the website of Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc.

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1.The information regarding the services and operations on this website is applicable only in Japan.

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■ Regarding investment decisions
The content on this website is provided as reference for our investors. This is not intended to solicit investors to buy our company’s shares.
This information may include forecasts, plans, and strategies that are based on assumptions, so it may include risk factors and elements of uncertainty. Several risks and uncertainties may cause actual results to differ from the description in this website.
The final investment decision should be made at your discretion.

■ Important factors that could affect our company’s business performance
The information on forecasts relating to future performance in this website, including earnings forecasts and business plans, is based on certain assumptions, such as the economic environment, business policies, and other factors, as of the date when each document was produced. Please note that actual results may differ from these projections due to various factors.

■ Copyright
As a general rule, the copyright for all the contents found on this website remains the property of Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc. Therefore, please note that such contents and information cannot be used or reproduced without our company’s consent.