Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As our business is the development, manufacturing and sale of cutting-edge and high purity chemicals, we correctly recognize the “danger and management method of each chemical substance,” always place utmost importance on the elevation of safety and advancement of health among our employees and related people, and engage in the following activities.

  1. We develop the occupational health and safety management organization and clarify responsibilities and authorities to promote activities for occupational health and safety.
  2. We comply with legal requirements concerning occupational health and safety as well as internal regulations.
  3. We set occupational health and safety goals and strive for improvement in order to realize a safe and healthy workplace.
  4. We aim for a comfortable and safe environment by clarifying dangerous and harmful factors at the workplace and continuously performing risk assessment.
  5. We develop a PDCA cycle in order to elevate the occupational health and safety performance, and strive for continuous improvement.
  6. We make arrangements for everybody to engage in activities for occupational health and safety based on the cooperation of all people working for our company.

Kiyoshi Tazuke
Representative Director & CEO
Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc.

Information on ISO45001 registration

Certification ISO45001:2018
Registered organization Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc.
Location 8154-217 Uenohara, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Applicable Head office, Second Uenohara Plant, and Annex
Date of the first certification July 8, 2022
Valid until July 7, 2025
Scope of certification

Design, development, manufacturing and sale of chemical products

・Quartz optical fiber materials
・Etching gases for semiconductors
・Cleaning gases for semiconductors
・Ion implantation gases for semiconductors
・Materials for semiconductor films
・Materials for compound semiconductors
・Materials for ceramics
・Materials for solar cells