Product Information

(film deposition, analysis, containers/parts, Piping cleaning)

In addition to selling chemical products for semiconductor manufacturing, we also offer services such as film-forming tests and various analyses, and propose and provide a wide variety of containers that meet customer needs.

Film formation test

  • ALD
  • Thermal CVD
  • plasma - enhancedCVD etc.

Various analyzes

  • Purity measurement
  • Impurity measurement
  • Thermal stability test etc.



We have a wide variety of capacities, shapes, and valves available.

  • Stainless steel container with valve
  • Containers with overseas specifications
  • Metal seamless container for high pressure gas
  • Other containers
    1. sealed glass ampoule
    2. polyethylene container
    3. glass screw cap bottle
    4. Glass vials bottle etc.

We have a track record of handling containers that can handle pyrophoric substances, high-pressure gases, hygroscopic, deliquescent, and hazardous substances that decompose in the air.

Piping cleaning


We also undertake cleaning piping of container by taking advantage of our know-how in handling hazardous materials and cleaning technology.


Product Information