Product Development

Product Development

Development Policy

Needs for enhancing the functionality of semiconductors persist in the semiconductor industry, where our major clients exist, as the volume of data is increasing and semiconductors are increasingly used for more various purposes, including AI and automobiles.
Moreover, the development and release of new chemical materials are still demanded in step with the functionality enhancement.
Amid such environment, we have built a system for producing results in R&D swiftly and efficiently as the Development Department takes the initiative and cooperates with the Production Technology Department, Manufacturing Department, Sales Department, etc. to make progress with their activities.
As our mission, we would like to maintain a highly profitable structure and contribute to a technology innovation in the whole industry and energy conservation* in society through periodic development of excellent products. In order to support the technology innovation of our customers, we are aiming for the development of 10 new products in the upcoming 5 years.

*Our products are used mainly as materials for manufacturing semiconductors and are utilized especially in cutting-edge devices. Our technology innovation and development of new products allow for the miniaturization of semiconductors, leading to energy conservation in society.

Shines brightly in an experimental device.

Latest achievements

September 21, 2018 in Nagoya

Title SiO2 deposition by low-temperature ALD using SiBr4
Presented The 79th JSAP Autumn Meeting

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Product Development