Quality Policy

We will strive to elevate our development capability and improve our production technologies, with the aim of maximizing customer satisfaction by providing even better products and technologies to our clients.
In order to achieve this, we will make continuous improvements to the effectiveness of our quality management system.

Kiyoshi Tazuke
Representative Director & CEO
Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc.

Information on ISO9001 registration

Certification ISO9001:2015
Registered organization Tri Chemical Laboratories Inc.
Location 8154-217 Uenohara, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture
Applicable Head office, Second Uenohara Plant, and Annex
Date of the first certification October 16, 2000
Date of certification issuance October 7, 2021
Valid until October 15, 2024
Scope of certification

Design, development, manufacturing and sale of chemical products

・Quartz optical fiber materials
・Etching gases for semiconductors
・Cleaning gases for semiconductors
・Ion implantation gases for semiconductors
・CVD materials for semiconductor films
・CVD materials for compound semiconductors
・Sol-gel and CVD materials for ceramics
・Materials for solar cells